Information Gathering


All answers required a reference citation to a government website used for substantiation. OSFA determined that it would include only information publicly available and hosted by an agency website.


Agencies were involved in the study at two points. First, agency representatives were given the opportunity to conduct their own research and submit results to OSFA for verification over a span of fifteen business days. Extensions were granted when requested. All externally obtained results were reviewed by OSFA. Second, final results after verification and independent study, were released to the agencies for amendment or clarification window of five business days. No extensions were requested.


OSFA conducted independent online research on the agencies. Research methods included the use of agency website search terms, site maps, and links useful to obtain information. Explanations of all findings, and online reference citations and research comments were logged. Agencies were notified of the results, with citations, and were provided the opportunity to comment for amendment (explained above).


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