An Open Farewell to Vivek Kundra

Vivek Kundra, the Federal CIO, is leaving government for academia, and today a new Federal CIO was named. Below, you’ll find a letter from Open Source for America wishing Mr. Kundra well.

In about a week, we’ll have the opportunity to present him this letter in person. We’d love to have the OSFA membership and supporters co-sign the letter as a way of thanking Mr. Kundra for all he’s done for open source in the Federal government.

So if you want to write a quick note of thanks, throw it in the comments, and we’ll make sure he gets it!


Open Source for America Steering Committee


Mr. Kundra,
For more than two years, Open Source for America’s membership has witnessed a tremendous change in the way the government thinks about information technology, and how it manages information technology projects. For the first time, a Federal CIO was able to articulate the way forward for much-needed reform, and we were extraordinarily fortunate that you were able to assume that role, setting an extraordinary example for all Federal CIOs to come.

Open source has witnessed an unprecedented popularity under your leadership. The need for more agility has led, for example, the State Department to examine the use of open source as a tool for facilitating international collaboration. The need to transition from capital-intensive IT to operations-focused IT has driven cloud adoption, much of which is based on open source.
Most exciting for Open Source for America, though, are the projects that improve public-private collaboration. By releasing taxpayer-funded software to the public, we allow citizens themselves to take a role in improving their government. The Veterans Administration, for example, now provides an open source EHR system through their VistA project.

You have been instrumental in leading this change, and for that you have our heartfelt gratitude. You have left a permanent mark on the Federal government’s IT operations, particularly through the 25-point plan for Federal IT Reform, and are very much looking forward to our continuing collaboration on that ambitious agenda.

Most sincerely,

Open Source for America


4 thoughts on “An Open Farewell to Vivek Kundra

  1. Deborah Bryant

    +1 in gratitude.

    Examples from federal agencies continue to roll in; in June the National Cancer Institute issued a Request for Information for their Open Development Initiative; NASA’s open government initiative rolled out on top of open source this week.

    Deb Bryant

  2. Melanie Chernoff

    Thank you, Mr. Kundra, for your outstanding leadership and vision in changing the way our government utilizes technology. It has been very heartening to see the changes brought about by you and Mr. Chopra over the past few years in the use of open data and other technologies to provide better information to the public. Best wishes in your future endeavours, and many thanks for your service.

  3. Ean Schuessler

    Thank you, Vivek, for shining a light. History will show the transparency of government to be inseparable from the welfare of those it watches over. In a world where intelligent software replaces the dusty paperwork of human bureaucrats, we must stand firm on the promise of transparency.

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