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Docker strives for profit with new Enterprise Edition

Docker's new Docker Enterprise Edition is a Container-as-a-Service DevOps program for Windows, Linux, and mainframe applications.

CoreOS extends Kubernetes to Microsoft Azure

CoreOS's Kubernetes distro, Tectonic 1.7, delivers on hybrid cloud by extending container DevOps capabilities across open-source and Azure clouds and data centers.

Linux desktop GUI GNOME celebrates its 20th birthday

GNOME has had its ups and downs, but today one of the major Linux/Unix interfaces has turned 20.

Amazon jumps on Kubernetes bandwagon

Amazon Web Services is joining the Kubernetes DevOps group, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, as a platinum member.

The 5 best Chromebooks for school or anywhere else in 2017

Chromebooks are great for work and the classroom.

The most important corporate server Linux gets refreshed: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 comes with improved security and performance for servers, containers, and clouds.

LibreOffice 5.4: The best office suite gets better

The newest LibreOffice is also the best version to date.

A foolish petition to open source Adobe Flash

Please, please let Adobe Flash die in peace.

JavaScript explodes on the server side with the growth of Node.js

With the rise of Node.js, server-side JavaScript is becoming an important cloud, container, and web development language.

Microsoft joins Kubetnetes group as platinum member

Microsoft is joining Google, Alibaba, and IBM in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation to accelerate the development and adoption of the Kubernetes container orchestration program.

What you can expect from Android O

Android O is almost ready to go, and thanks to Project Treble, more users than ever will get the newest version of Android.

Canonical asks users' help in deciding Ubuntu Linux desktop apps

The next long-term support version of Ubuntu desktop Linux will include default programs chosen by users.

Linus Torvalds: Gadget reviewer

When Linus Torvalds isn't working on Linux, he's tinkering with gadgets, and now he's reviewing them on Google+.

Containers consolidation: Open Container Initiative 1.0 released

With Open Container Initiative 1.0, container runtime and image specs have been standardized.

​The ultimate Linux workstation: The Dell 5720 AIO

If you want to do serious Linux programming, why not spend the money to get the best available workstation?

Google Cloud Platform expands to London

Google may be playing catch up with AWS internationally, but it's making up for lost time.

Linux Foundation offers free Introduction to Kubernetes class

With Kubernetes gaining popularity quickly as the container orchestration program of choice, sysadmins need to learn all they can about this DevOps program.

Red Hat opens new OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service public cloud

Red Hat relies on Amazon Web Services to enable developers to build cloud-native applications on its latest version of OpenShift Online.

Dell Precision 5520 Mobile Workstation review: The Ubuntu Linux laptop for power developers

For Linux programmers who want maximum power on the road, you can't beat the Dell Precision 5520 Mobile Workstation.

Kubernetes 1.7 released

The leading cloud container-orchestration program adds new features to its appeal.