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SUSE Linux turns 25: From business distro leader to cloud power

SUSE, one of the oldest Linux and open-source businesses, celebrated its 25th birthday while setting its eyes on its future in the cloud and software-defined infrastructure.

Pixelbook leak: Google's new high-end Chromebook expected October 4

Google's top-of-the-line Chromebook Pixel is coming back with a new name and better specifications.

​Check Point's bogus Windows Subsystem for Linux attack

If you deliberately set out to make your Windows system open to attack via WSL, yes, you could be attacked by Bashware.

​KDE is partnering with Purism to create a Linux smartphone

Want a free-software smartphone? KDE and Purism have started a crowdfunding campaign to build one.

​New IBM big iron for Linux

IBM mainframes are alive, well, and being designed to make the most of Linux.

​Lyft and Uber travel the same open-source road

Open-source software can profitably bring rivals together.

​Oracle joins the Kubernetes movement

Oracle joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and released Kubernetes on Oracle Linux and its own Kubernetes cloud installer.

​Linus Torvalds on Linux, life, and bathrobes

The most famous programmer ever is happy his work is meaningful and that he gets to do much of it in his bathrobe.

Oracle prepares to spin off Java EE to Eclipse Foundation

Oracle confirms it's spinning Java EE to an open-source foundation with IBM and Red Hat's support.

​Linux gets blasted by BlueBorne too

BlueBorne is a set of Bluetooth security holes that just keeps on hitting. Besides smartphones and Windows, it seriously impacts Linux desktops and servers.

​How to get the Kubernetes help you need

As Kubernetes cloud container orchestration grows ever more important, so does the need for qualified Kubernetes administrators.

​How companies can make the most from open source

It's 2017, and some people still don't understand why open source is vital for business and how to really make the most of it. The Linux Foundation and its corporate partners are ready to explain it to you.

Equifax blames open-source software for its record-breaking security breach: Report

The credit rating giant claims an Apache Struts security hole was the real cause of its security breach of 143 million records. ZDNet examines the claim.

SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP3 released

The latest version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server extends the business Linux server to new processors and it improves performance and security.

Ansible DevOps program gets upgraded

The popular DevOps program Ansible is being made available in a new package and with additional features.

Sun set: Oracle closes down last Sun product lines

Oracle is shutting down SPARC and Solaris. Good bye, Sun. It was nice knowing you.

How to get an open-source job

Having open-source programming chops or Linux sysadmin skills is only the start.

The next release of OpenStack, Pike leaps up

OpenStack's latest release is easier to update than ever.

Red Hat adds Microsoft's .NET Core 2.0 to its Linux and cloud offerings

The latest version of Microsoft's open-source .NET Core platform will be available soon across Red Hat's Linux and open hybrid cloud offerings.

Docker strives for profit with new Enterprise Edition

Docker's new Docker Enterprise Edition is a Container-as-a-Service DevOps program for Windows, Linux, and mainframe applications.